Colloidal gold helps to coordinate the glandular and nervous systems, helps reactivate the glands and stimulate the nerves. Promotes electrical conduction in nerve pathways that allow nerve signals to travel the nerve fibers unhindered and more easily reach target organs and glands.
Emotional instability, anxiety, fear, anxiety and depression find valid therapy in colloidal gold. Its effect is to balance and harmonize mental balance, without counting its positive effect on the activity of the heart (improves blood circulation).

On the physical plane it acts as a catalyst that facilitates physiological functions. In the event of alteration of these processes, it helps to rebalance its functions.
On the energy level, gold raises the resonance frequency of the cells that host it. Nano-colloidal gold is a channel for endorphin-like hormones, as well as for the antioxidant enzyme SOD (SuperOxidoDismutase). Agice as a re-balancer of vital energy both chemically and bio-energetically.

Actions on the Central Nervous System
memory and concentration

Benefits of colloidal gold

State of general well-being and increase in energy levels
Strengthening of the body's natural defenses against diseases
Increased vitality and longevity
Strengthening of glandular functions
Physical relaxation
DNA damage repair
Reduced joint inflammation
Relief from joint pain and swelling of arthritic states
Anti inflammatory effects
Antidepressant effects especially on drug and alcohol addicts
It is not toxic and has no side effects even for children. Daily intake 5-10ml at 20ppm