The Company

The Q Bio Systems group ( Q Bio Systems limited, Q Biotech limited and Quantum Dot di Massimo Serra ) is a European based biotechnology group . We have developed a series of natural healthcare supplements, based on our ground-breaking patented technology. Our Vision is to develop powerful new health-giving mineral supplements based on the natural defences found in Mother Nature. We enjoy a rich and diverse biosphere, which is little understood and even less utilised to offer natural powerful defences against disease and poor well-being. The team led by Dr Massimo Serra, identified the potential to exploit the biodiversity and following 10 years of exhaustive R&D, have developed a simple, affordable, and green way to synthesize organic molecules combining biotechnology and nanotechnology. We combine the natural Phytochemicals produced in plants to fight bacterial attacks with the known health properties of Oligo chemical’s, especially Copper and Silver, to produce powerful new health giving mineral supplements